El-Al Israel Airlines Interactive Seat Maps

NEW! Hebrew forum for El-Al's Frequent Flyers!

This page contains a mirror of the interactive seat maps from elal.co.il. You'll need Flash to view these.

The 777 and 737-800 are still missing. When they become available, I'll try to post them here, too.

For an English translation of the Hebrew legend see jonnye's post #11 in this thread on Flyertalk.

The full selection of old fax-scan seat maps that used to be here (including the 777 and the 737-800) are still available here as well.

See also Jet2k's ongoing project to provide more information about LY and other airlines' seat maps at his excellent SeatExpert site.

For airlines and specific planes you can't find at SeatExpert, see also SeatGuru.